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Installing Aderyn

Step 1: Install Cyfrinup

Cyfrinup is a CLI tool that simplifies the installation and management of Cyfrin tools. To install Cyfrinup, run the following command in your terminal:

curl -L | bash

Step 2: Update Path

The installer will prompt you to run a source command. Either run this command or reload your terminal.

Step 3: Install Aderyn using Cyfrinup

After installing Cyfrinup, you can use it to install Aderyn. Run the following command in your terminal:


Step 4: Verify installation

aderyn --version

Future Updates

To update Aderyn to the latest version, you can run the cyfrinup:


Cyfrinup will replace the existing version with the latest one.

Now that you have Aderyn installed let's see how to run it to find vulnerabilities in your codebase.

Run Aderyn Using Docker

You can run Aderyn from a Docker container.

Build the image:

  docker build -t aderyn .

/path/to/project/root should be the path to your Foundry or Hardhat project root directory and it will be mounted to /share in the container.

Run Aderyn:

  docker run -v /path/to/project/root/:/share aderyn

Run with flags:

  docker run -v /path/to/project/root/:/share aderyn -h

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