Aderyn uses a series of detectors that, given a set of Solidity smart contracts within a directory, analyze the smart contracts Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) to find vulnerability patterns and report them in an easy-to-consume markdown document.

In this article, you will learn how to get started using Aderyn to analyze your Solidity codebase and generate a report on its vulnerabilities.


Before installing Aderyn, ensure you have the following:

Suggested VSCode extensions:

Running Aderyn to analyse your codebase

Once Aderyn is installed on your system, you can run it against any Solidity codebase to find vulnerabilities in your code.

In this example, we will use the aderyn-contracts-playground repository.

This example codebase uses Foundry. Please install Foundry as a prerequisite to working with this example repository.

You can follow along by cloning it to your system.

git clone https://github.com/Cyfrin/aderyn-contracts-playground.git

Navigate inside the repository:

cd aderyn-contracts-playground

We usually use several smart contracts and tests to try new detectors. Install dependencies and build the contracts by running:

forge build

Once your smart contracts have been successfully compiled, run Aderyn using the following command:

aderyn [OPTIONS] path/to/your/project

Replace [OPTIONS] with specific command-line arguments as needed.

What happens when you call aderyn?

Your codebase's full markdown security report will be generated for you now.

Generating the Aderyn security report

When executed, Aderyn will generate a full security report of your Solidity code base. You can find the standard here: https://github.com/Cyfrin/aderyn/blob/dev/report.md

You can direct the output to a specific file or change the format to JSON for integration with other tools:

aderyn --output report.md
aderyn --output report.json

Inside the generated report, you will find:

  • A summary of your codebase properties (nsloc, complexity, etc.)

  • A summary of the issues and their severity divided by Highs and Lows.

  • A list of the issues with descriptions and links to the line of code where the vulnerability was found

Modify or create a custom detector

Cyfrin Aderyn gives engineers and security an easy-to-implement framework to develop custom static analysis detectors that can adapt to any codebase or use case. You can learn more about creating a custom Cyfrin Aderyn detector on the related documentation page.

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